Operating Guidelines

While the Bio-Circle parts cleaning system is very effective and easy-to-use, the following tips will help you get the most out of your system:

Leave the unit plugged-in and turned on at all times

For the remediation of oil and grease to take place and maintain peak cleaning performance, the cleaning fluid must be heated and aerated permanently. The fluid pump however, should be turned off after cleaning.

Do not introduce disinfectants, bleach, solvents, acids or chlorinated substances into the system

These substances will prevent the bioremediation process and substantially reduce the cleaning performance.

Maintain the fluid at an optimum level

Don't wait for the low liquid level light to turn on before adding Bio-Circle L. Never add water. Always keep the fluid level to the top level line molded into the tank wall.

Use a brush that is suited to the shape of the part being cleaned

The combination of heat and mechanical action delivers a solvent-like performance. When cleaning greasy parts, use your brush with a scooping motion to lift the grease from the surface so it can be flushed away by the stream of cleaning fluid.

Pour cleaning solution over the sink, the brush and the part before cleaning

Bio-Circle L will act just like an anti-spatter and prevent grease and grime from sticking so your equipment stays clean longer and your parts become cleaner faster.

Remove excess oil and grease from your parts before cleaning

Even though the Bio-Circle system has been designed to effectively handle heavy-duty parts cleaning applications, 'dumping' large quantities of oil and grease into the system will reduce its performance.

Do not leave parts inside the sink after cleaning

Bio-Circle L temporarily protects steel parts from corrosion but the humidity inside the sink could cause corrosion-sensitive steels to flash rust. Since parts are cleaned to bare metal, after cleaning, wipe your parts dry or use compressed air to remove fluid from blind holes and inside corners. To protect parts before storage, apply Omni™.

Use only Bio-Circle L liquid in the system

For the liquid to effectively clean and digest contaminants, use only Walter Bio-Circle L (55-A 007) liquid in the system. Never add other liquids. Furthermore, to maintain peak performance, it is recommended to remove any sludge accumulation once a year and at this time to replace the cleaning solution. Use cleaning kit 55-B 020 to make this preventive maintenance easier.