Your safest, more efficient alternative to toxic solvent parts washing!

Why is BIO-CIRCLE so efficient?

Bio-Circle is a proven alternative to traditional solvent cleaners, with thousands of industrial users worldwide having adopted this new method. Self-renewing Bio-Circle L cleaning solution combined with the latest technology parts washers guarantee removal of oil and grease while maintaining cleaning efficiency over time.

Some of our satisfied customers feedback

Jay Leno

Jay Leno's Big Dog Garage

The model we try to have here at the garage is ‘do no harm.’ We like restoring cars and we like to do it in as green a way as possible. With that in mind, I try to find parts cleaners that don’t harm the environment. …Normally I always think the stronger the solvent, the better the cleaning, and of course it’s harsh on your hands, but Bio-Circle doesn’t work that way. …The secret is in the solution. It sits in this thing overnight, and it actually cleans itself. That’s pretty good.

David Beaudin

Process Manager-Deragon Ford

We have acquired a Bio-Circle parts washer system more than two months ago and we will not go back to working with solvents and the health risks that go with it. Everyone agrees that the Bio-Circle parts washer system is more efficient than solvents, plus it has an odour of green apples which is appreciated. The liquid maintains its colour, whereas with solvents the colour changes rapidly and so does the performance.

Rick Flello

Manager Ground Support Maintenance - Servisair (Vancouver Intl. Airport)

We have been using the 10-200 Bio-Circle system for about 6 months now and I must say that I'm very pleased with the performance of the unit. From the very first use the mechanics have raved about the effectiveness and safety of the solution, for a few dollars more a month than regular solvents and the fact you don't need to change it makes this a simple decision. I would not hesitate to recommend this unit to anyone who is looking for a better, safer way to clean parts.

Bill Cameron

Storekeeper - SIAST Kelsey Campus (Saskatchewan)

My name is Bill Cameron and I work at SIAST Kelsey Campus as the Storekeeper in the Agricultural Machinery Technician Program. Our program uses two Bio-circle parts washers and there is a third machine in the Industrial Mechanics Program. The Instructors and students are very pleased with the way the cleaners work. They do a great job on our dirty, greasy parts. The staff and students also comment on the nice fragrance as well as how nice it is on the hands working with a warm product. I especially appreciate the service from the technician maintaining both of our machines. It makes my job easier. We are trying to provide a safe and healthy environment for the students and the Bio-circle parts washers helps us do our part.

Gary L. Smart

Safety Manager - United Space Alliance (USA)

I really like the MSDS on this unit. After using the machine my hands are fine, not burning or dried out. The enviro-friendliness is excellent.

Julien Béliveau

President - Do-Mar Électrique Inc.

We have been successfully selling Bio-Circle at Do-Mar Électrique. Our sales representatives do not miss an opportunity to convince them to change their cleaning process.